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Margerit Roger M.Ed. is an experienced program planner and evaluator, community builder, and project manager. She has designed, managed, and evaluated programs for community-based social purpose organizations, post-secondaries, industry, labour, and provincial and federal governments. She has spent the last ten years using social impact analysis as a way of strategically describing an organization’s “ripple-effect” on individuals, families, communities, and systems.

Margerit is also an adult educator who believes that an important part of every project is building capacity for program planning and evaluation with the client organization.

Eupraxia Training’s guiding principle is to “see the parts within the whole”, which serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of people, organizations, and projects within various financial, social, and environmental contexts; what affects individuals affects the whole as much as how the whole affects the individual.

Delivered Workshops

  • Looking for the Ripple Effect , a ten-module online learning program about outcomes-based evaluation in the settlement sector
  • Developing Your Testing Framework, Stakeholder Analysis and Fishbone Analysis  Fund for Innovation and Transformation (March and June 2020)
  • Evaluation Trio: Introduction to Theory of Change, Apple Pie and Networks, and Outputs, Outcomes and Impacts …Oh My! (November and December 2019)
  • If We Don’t Look for It, How Will We Ever Find It? American Evaluation Association presentation (November 2019)
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Exploring Theory of Change (Winnipeg, Manitoba Council for International Cooperation, 2019)
  • Evaluating Success: Quantitative and Qualitative Measures (Saskatoon, IRCC Case Managers’ Conference, 2019)
  • Beyond Outputs: Telling Your Impact Story (Brandon, MANSO Rural Face-to-Face Gathering of settlement agencies, 2019) with Cate Friesen, The Story Source
  • Demonstrating Value by Sharing Your Impact Story (Brandon, Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association, 2019) with Cate Friesen, The Story Source
  • Introduction to SROI: Possibilities and Pitfalls (CCEDNet February 2018)
  • Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Evaluation Practices (Saskatoon Settlement Sector Summit, November 2017)
  • Stronger Outcomes Statements for Better Results (Canadian Community Economic Development Network)
  • Keynote address at Family Dynamics Annual General Meetings (August 2019 and 2017)
  • Measuring Social Impacts for the Breakfast/Walking School Bus Program (Canadian Evaluation Society)

Professional Development

  • Results-Based Management, Deliverology, and Theory of Change ( 2022)
  • World Cafe and Open Space Technology (2022)
  • Gender-based Evaluation (Status of Women Canada) (2020)
  • Evaluation and the SDGs (UNITAR) (2019)
  • Econous 2018 and The Gathering (annual CCEDNET conferences)
  • Social Enterprise conference 2017 (Winnipeg)
  • Community Indicators Conference 2017 (Winnipeg)
  • Social Finance community meeting organized by CCEDNet 2017 (Winnipeg)
  • Econonous 2016 in Montreal with accompanying visits to Carleton University’s Social Finance department, Ottawa and Toronto’s Social Impact Hubs, and Innoweave
  • McGill University’s “Social Learning for Social Impact” MOOC (2015)
  • International Conference on Women’s Education for Sustainable Human Development (Winnipeg, 2015)

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