Eupraxia Training collaborates with selected partners who share a vision for socially-aware, ethically-responsible, community-oriented ways of working. Partners each have specializations, as well as overlapping skills and experience, and come together for professional development discussion, research, planning, or project work.

Current partners are:

Picture1As It Happened Productions,
operated by Sheryl Peters and Angela Chalmers, is a documentary video company specializing in socially-engaged videos and family documentaries. AIHP works with organizations to: produce videos that highlight your projects, share stories from people in your programs, develop educational videos, and conduct digital storytelling workshops with your program participants. Visit


Head Shot3Janna Barkman is a teacher and community educator, researcher, and program planner. She has worked extensively in the field of social and environmental justice education for children and youth. She has experience in curriculum design and program evaluation on educational projects, with partners such as Global College’s Institute for International Women’s Rights, the Global Network of Women Peacemakers, Voice of Women for Peace, Fisher River Cree Nation Food Security Project, the Harvest Moon Society, and FortWhyte Alive. She is currently working for OISE’s Environmental and Sustainability Education (ESE) Initiative at the University of Toronto to provide ESE training and curricula to teachers and teacher candidates.

Janna holds a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Politics and Human Rights and Global Studies, a Masters degree (MDP) in Community Development Practice, and is completing her Masters in Teaching (MT) teacher accreditation program at OISE. Janna is a dynamic presenter and facilitator for children, adolescents, and those working in the field of education.

Janna is based in Toronto and Winnipeg, and can be reached through LinkedIn, and