Recent and Current Work

The joy of consulting lies in part in the diversity of projects through which one can learn, see innovative work, meet inspiring people, exchange ideas, and discover creative solutions to challenges. I have had the pleasure of working in a wide range of sectors with an equally wide range of populations, so the following links can only give a glimpse at some of the more recent program development and program evaluation projects.


Sample Projects

  • Designing and delivering Looking for the Ripple Effect, an online professional development opportunity about outcomes-based evaluation for settlement service providers across Canada
  • Developing an organizational impact evaluation framework for Family Dynamics
  • Assessing the impact of the Winnipeg Boldness Project’s Indigenous “ways of working” on the families, communities, systems, and the social innovation sector
  • Creating online webinars on testing frameworks for the Fund for Innovation and Transformation (scroll down to “A Workshop for SMOs”)
  • Conducting a social impact case study for Jubilee Fund’s loan guarantee program
  • Researching the impact of Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Workers and how that informs job tasks
  • Facilitating workshops on Theory of Change, Outcome-Writing, Stakeholder Analysis, Program Planning
  • Leading strategic planning sessions for non-profits using Theory of Change (settlement agencies, archives association, environmental organization)
  • Conducting a two-year social impact analysis for high needs refugee programming (Family Dynamics’ Family Supports for Refugees Program)
  • Coordinating Manitoba’s efforts in a national work-based certification process for production workers in the manufacturing sector (Canadian Labour Congress/Canadian Manufacturer’s and Exporters)
  • Preparing a Social Return On Investment (SROI) report on Family Dynamics’ breakfast/walk-to-school program in a housing development