Program Evaluation

Social Impact Study 

A charitable organization wanted information on the broader social impacts of one of its programs, which provided nutritious breakfasts to children in a housing community and ensured that the children arrived at school on time. Over the course of eight months, various stakeholders (parents, volunteers, program staff, social agencies, school) were interviewed and a social impact map was constructed to inventory the inputs, outputs, outcomes, and impacts of the program. Social Return on Investment methodology was then applied to highlight the significant social value that was created by the program, both in terms of positive outcomes and negative outcomes avoided.

  • Margerit Roger: Principal investigator, researcher
  • Timeframe: eight months of part-time evaluation work
  • Outcome: a 2015 report listing social impacts and social value
  • Broader impacts: heightened awareness with various stakeholders about the significance of the breakfast program, awareness of new ways of evaluating success, discussions about the importance of collaboration, data for use in fundraising


Evaluation of Literacy Programming

In order to extend funding for its literacy program in Westgrove Community, a housing development that prioritizes refugee families and women leaving domestic abuse, an evaluation must be completed by the provincial funder. Over the course of a year, research was conducted into various aspects of the literacy program: participant backgrounds, curriculum and instructional methods, social variables affecting the program, barriers to learning, and necessary student supports. Interviews are conducted with learners, instructors and other stakeholders. Social impacts of the programming were identified and highlighted. After a year, a report was prepared.


Evaluation of Pan Am Games Spanish Interpreter Training Program

After the completion of the Pan Am Games in Manitoba, the effectiveness and future of the Spanish Interpreter Training Program, which had been one year in development, needed to be evaluated for the provincial and federal funder. All stakeholders were interviewed for perspectives, and key issues were identified for sustainability and future applications. A report was provided to the funders and the program developers.