What We Do

Seeing the Parts within the Whole

Eupraxia Training is a small, nimble consulting practise that can help you with:

  • Program planning and development (course design, outcome-writing, logistics)
  • Program evaluation
  • Social impact analysis (including Social Return on Investment advising)
  • Theory of Change facilitation
  • Strategic planning
  • Job task analysis (DACUM, Essential Skills profiling)
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Group and meeting facilitation
  • Proposal-writing
  • Curriculum and materials development

To achieve high-quality work, or “eupraxia”, you need to bring together theory, practise and creativity. You need to see the parts within the whole. That means working with individuals, organizations and communities within their larger context to design reasonable, affordable action plans that connect past activities, present needs and future hopes.

Contact: mroger@eupraxiatraining.com or 204-963-3489

Current/Recent Projects

  • Social impact study of health and wellness supports for Indigenous mothers
  • Strategic planning for national global development network, refugee-serving, and environmental organizations
  • Program development for Licensed Family Child Care providers (curriculum materials, digital badging program, year-long workshop series)
  • Evaluation planning for social finance, refugee-serving, and social enterprise organizations
  • Online survey development and reporting on settlement needs of recently arrived refugees in Manitoba
  • Social impact analysis for high needs refugee programming (http://www.familydynamics.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Family-Supports-for-Refugees-Social-Impacts-Study-2016-1.pdf)
  • Implementing a work-based certification process for production workers in the manufacturing sector (Canadian Labour Congress/Canadian Manufacturer’s and Exporters)
  • Plain language editing and workshop feedback for tourism training program in the Canadian Arctic
  • Social Return On Investment (SROI) report on the social impacts of a breakfast/walk-to-school program in a housing development (http://www.familydynamics.ca/walking-school-bus-breakfast-program/)

Recent Presentations/Instruction

  • Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Evaluation Practices (Saskatoon Settlement Sector Summit, November 2017)
  • Stronger Outcomes Statements for Better Results (Canadian Community Economic Development Network)
  • Keynote address at Family Dynamics 80th Annual General Meeting (August 2017)
  • Social Impact Analysis for national Child Care conference (September 2016)
  • Supporting Refugee Mothers – A Critical Investment in Settlement Success (Strangers in a New Homeland Conference, October 2016)
  • Knowing Your Niche: Focused Program Planning (Canadian Community Economic Development Network) (https://ccednet-rcdec.ca/en/manitoba)
  • Program Planning for Adult Education and Outcome-Writing Workshop (University of Manitoba) (http://umanitoba.ca/faculties/con_ed/coned/adulteducation/)
  • Planning Successful Programs and Services (Manitoba Immigrant and Refugee Settlement Services Sector Association)
  • Measuring Social Impacts for the Breakfast/Walking School Bus Program (Canadian Evaluation Society)

Upcoming Presentations and/or Instruction

  • Workshop series on evaluation fundamentals for social enterprises (Winnipeg 2017-2018)
  • Introduction to SROI: Possibilities and Pitfalls (CCEDNet February 2018)

Professional Development

  • Results-Based Management, Deliverology, and Theory of Change (Ottawa, August 2017)
  • Social Enterprise conference 2017 (Winnipeg)
  • Community Indicators Conference 2017 (Winnipeg)
  • Social Finance community meeting organized by CCEDNet 2017 (Winnipeg)
  • Tamarack Community’s Accelerating Community Change with Collective Impact with Liz Weaver
  • Econonous 2016 in Montreal with accompanying visits to Carleton University’s Social Finance department, Ottawa and Toronto’s Social Impact Hubs, and Innoweave
  • McGill University’s “Social Learning for Social Impact” MOOC